Department of Child Dental Health

We treat children and young people who need specialist care for example because they are very anxious, have inherited problems with their teeth or have sustained a traumatic dental injury.  We are based on the 2ndfloor of the Dental Hospital, which is near the Manchester Museum. We also have a team working in the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.


Department of Child Dental Health
University Dental Hospital

Higher Cambridge Street


M15 6FH

Contact Details

0161 275 6612 

What to expect

Dental suite 2When your dentist refers you to us for treatment, you will get an out-patient appointment at the University Dental Hospital. At this appointment one of our consultants will talk to you about your dental problem, get details of your health and medical history and arrange x-rays or other tests. The next step is to discuss the treatment options with you and your family. The treatment is usually done at the Dental Hospital, but if you need a general anaesthetic this will happen at RMCH.
You will meet our dental nurses during your treatment. As well as assisting our consultants with providing treatment, they run clinics to give you advice about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy through correct brushing and the right diet.
Many people are anxious about dental treatment and worried that it may be painful. It can also be a bit daunting if you need sedation or a general anaesthetic and have not had this before.
Dental suite 3To help young people of all ages, our dental therapist Jeanette runs regular anxiety clinics. She will talk to you about the treatment, give you a tour of the treatment suite and explain exactly what happens, and can attend a treatment appointment with you. Just ask at your initial outpatient appointment if you would like to attend the anxiety clinic. Patients also sometimes have questions they feel awkward about asking during an appointment.
Claire Stevens, one of our consultants, is also happy to respond to you by email if you want to ask for more information or you are worried about your dental treatment . Contact her on

Treatment with sedation

Some of our patients are very anxious about having dental treatment and we often find that treatment with happy air (inhalational sedation) can be really helpful. Happy air makes our patients feel more relaxed during treatment, in fact many become quite giggly and find treatment enjoyable!
AIVS suiteIn December 2010 we launched a new sedation service for patients aged 12-16. The sedation involves giving you drugs through a vein - known as intravenous sedation. This can achieve an even deeper level of relaxation for our patients who are particularly anxious. The new service will make sure you know exactly what will happen, and will help to deal with any worries you may have.  Find out more about the Adolescent Intravenous Sedation Service (AIVS).

Moving to adult services

Some of our patients require ongoing treatment after the age of 16. This may involve transferring your care to one or more of the adult departments at the Dental Hospital. If this is the case, we will aim to arrange the first appointment as a joint one involving both your current and new consultant.
Dental suite 1

Who's Who?

Dr Kay Hood (Clinical Lead)
Professor Iain Mackie (Paediatric Dentist)
Mrs Claire Stevens (Paediatric Dentist)
Dr Kate Coyle (Paediatric Dentist)
Dr Sian Rolfe (Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist)  

Senior Nurse
Rabina Khan